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Taking exploration to the next level!

Basic Info

Start time:


Closed on Sundays

± 3 hours
from €70 per person  

€280 private tour
Fuel included

What we provide

Skipper / Guide

Gozo Your Own Way Kayak Boat and Walking Tours

Safety gear

Snorkel set

Dry bag

Gozo Your Own Way Kayak Boat and Walking Tours
Gozo Your Own Way Kayak Boat and Walking Tours
Gozo Your Own Way Kayak Boat and Walking Tours


Gozo Your Own Way Kayak Boat and Walking Tours

What to bring

Gozo Your Own Way Kayak Boat and Walking Tours

1 L water, sun protection, shoes and clothes that can get wet

Perfect for couples and small families

We will take an awesome boating and snorkelling adventure departing from Gozo and exploring parts of beautiful Gozo & Comino islands. You will be treated to bays, caves, cliffs & stunning rock formations! We will help you avoid the crowds for an unforgettably unique & intimate experience. The maximum group size for regular tours is 4 people and up to 5 for private tours. At each stop you'll be given a snorkel set & we will give you a brief intro to the area & some safety instructions. Then you can step right out of the boat & into the magical underwater world of the Mediterranean.

Book a private tour for the ultimate experience and explore at your pace!

What will our day look like?
We will meet in the Mgarr Marina in Gozo at Pontoon B/C. Our boat, Cirrus, is berthed at B2. It’s about a 10 min walk from the ferry terminal and we will send you detailed directions and a pin on how to find us.
Being a small group, b
espoke tour, you get to decide the exact route together with your skipper. The skipper will advise on the best areas and when is best to visit the busier areas like the Blue Lagoon and the Crystal Lagoon.


 Gozo Highlights
There is so much more to see and explore than the tourist hotspots and your captain will take you to the best and hardest to find locations so you can enjoy our islands in a truly unique way. Areas you may visit on Gozo include Mgarr-ix-Xini Bay, nestled between two gorgeous cliffs & home to a number of great snorkelling caves; the Barbagann Rocks & Cave; Hondoq Bay & Qala Rock for some great snorkelling under Saint Anthony's Battery at Qala Point, or even enjoy a swim in the "Colosseum" under the towering Sannap cliffs.

Comino Highlights

On Comino we can explore the old smuggler's caves near Santa Marija Bay as well as Elephant Head Rock and around to the south of Comino we can see the beautiful Santa Marija Battery Arch. We cannot leave out Comino's famous Blue Lagoon and Crystal Lagoon, where you can swim, snorkel or just relax in its crystal blue waters.

Route subject to change based on weather and client preferences. Certain areas may not be accessible and we will discuss alternative routes with you in that case.  Solo bookings will need to join an existing group. We may have to ask you to reschedule if other bookings change or cancel.

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